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We produce award-winning instructional courses (see our reviews here!) that are intended for non-competitive dancers and everyday individuals who want to learn different dance styles alone or with a partner in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Dance is a lifelong skill. With our simple step-by-step instructional videos, it's easier than ever to dive in and learn!

The courses offered by Dance with Nancy are light exercise for the body and mind while providing great amusement and sheer fun. Ever wondered what music is right for a certain dance step? We'll teach you how to identify the perfect steps for the music you love! If you don’t have a partner, you will know what to do when you get one. And when you couple up, you will be comfortable leading and following in any social setting with friends or strangers.  

Are these products right for me and my age group?


Yes! Our products are great for all age groups, from kids to seniors and everyone in-between. Whether you are learning by yourself in the comfort of your home or as as part of a large physical education curriculum, our lessons are designed to work in both solo and group settings. Easy step-by-step instruction breaks down the basics for weddings, social events, period themed parties, country line dances and more. Whether you're learning fun classic dances or timeless romantic steps, come along and Dance with Nancy!

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